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Material For Ponycraft 2 Hoofs of Liberty Project.


Favorite For Project. See The Original Team Artist's Ponycraft 2 Artwork.


Fallia Princess of Autumn by Ackdari
by Ackdari

Good work, Basically you drew her body correctly in general pony body Line. I want to give high point at your work. Your green and oran...

Process Ponify Trailer the Deal 2 Picture 2-3 by aprilj0313

You drew well at back ground. Team aiming Fantasy and S.F's mix feeling or Style. You did make it. you used shading but also kept detai...

Process Ponify Trailer the Deal 2 Picture 2-2 by aprilj0313

Character Tychus Findlay stand behind darkness in original Trailer. His body and face barely visible. He is covered full of shade in 3D...

Process Ponify Trailer the Deal 2 Picture 4 of 8 by aprilj0313

Your vapor impact is good. You well caught the concept of my Line Art. I intended MLP : FIM and Starcraft 2' Mixed feeling; think you c...

Critiques during The Team's work.


PonyCraft 2 Hoofs Of Liberty Promotion

Sorry. I forgot this Project for Long Time. I know I need to much of practicing before re-start this Project. During time I made Pony Plush.

I hope to start again this Project soon .

P.S At that time I will write new Promotion.

Journal History

I'm Making pony Chushion + S.Korea's First Ponycon

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 15, 2014, 11:44 AM
  • Listening to: Pony Remix music
  • Reading: Dead Space Maytar
  • Watching: My little Pony
  • Playing: Medieval Totar war II
I started to make Pony Cushion for South Korea's First Pony convention. I worked with artist named yalccal ;and, finally, today, I started to make Pony Cushion. Today, I Yalccal and open Pony Cushion selling page then we got 5 order instantly. That feels great, give me the hope to make through deep into Pony Fandom. Plus, I also making better rarity Plush I uploaded recent week.

+ Commission open.

I'm taking plushie commissions. I can make OCs of any kind, including bat ponies.
Base cost is 100 USD + 40 USD If you want Plush's clothes or Accessory + 30USD shipping Cost. will delivery in week, worldwide.

Alicorn or filly designs will cost more, so if you'd like to commission one just send me a note. I'll send paypal invoice.

I'm taking Hug Pillow or Cushion Commissions.
Pony Cushion cost is 20-30 USD + shipping cost based at 40cm*40cm or 40cm*60cm size. Large Hug Pillow or Cushion will take more cost 70 USD at 110cm*60cm. If you want to buy a Cushion send a note to what tape and size Cushion or Hug Pillow you want. I'll send paypal invoice.
Partner Yalccal draw Picture for Cushion in Custiom order or you can ask to make Cushion with the Pictue what you want.
+ if you want cotton cushion cover you need pay 10-20 for additional printing cost Cotton fabric Printing is cost much then normal printing.

Here is Yalcccal's base Picture for Cushion , , and Here is Pony Cushion site :!english…

Her Deviantart Page :
 Currently I have Three plushes for sale. You can check them in my gallery. If you'd like to buy them just sent me a note. I accept payment via PayPal and will ship it out as soon as possible! Shipping should take 3-14 days. It can change by shipping method. You can also buy them on my E-bay Page :…


Kardien's Profile Picture
hyeonrang choe
Artist | Student | Literature
South Korea
I’m Kardien Lupus, now I'm Changeling. So, I may want eat your heart; I’m aspiring writer, looking for all publishing possibility very eagerly. My genres is female; adventure and strong story will dominate my format; currently I’m on writing but I like other storytelling method as like gaming and Vector animation. I like game Dead Space series; It's strong, take much of meaning of life and brilliant ideas.

I’m Lesbian, can love with woman; I want good ideas usually; I like retro but punky mood. It can be called as Steampunk.

I Return from long silent; I have major depression; argued with my once loved family. I'm still suffering depression; But this time I want to gain enough strength come back to make success my work.

포니 쿠션 판매 S.K Ponycon

포니 온리전 쿠션 예약 및 통판 주문을 받으며, 가격은 40cmX40cm에 26000원 입니다. 자세한 주문은 온리전 쿠션 사이트에서 하실 수 있습니다.

Link :

포니 Plushie 판매 정보

제 데비안트 페이지가 기본적으로 영문을 사용하기 때문에 따로 한국어 페이지를 만듭니다.

포니 Plushie-인형 판매 정보입니다.

현제 코코포멜과, 애플잭 인형이 존재하고 다른 포니를 원하신다면 주문 받고 제작 시작할 수 있습니다. 가격은 포게에서 오셨다는 걸 인증해 주신다면 10만원, Ebay에나 Deviantart에서는 120 USD가 될 예정입니다.
현제는 새로운 모델링을 개발중이고 우선 레리티 인형을 만들고 있습니다. 하지만 원하시는 인형이 있고 주문 하신다면 그 포니를 먼저 제작할 수 있습니다.

제 전화번호 010-3260-8541로 문자주시거나, 아니면 데비안트아트에 가입하셔서 인형을 구입하시겠다는 Note를 보내주시면 확인하고 주문 방법을 알려드리겠습니다.

40cmX40cm의 경우2만원 대, 특별히 업체에 주문을 맞겨야 하는 대형 인쇄 쿠션/혹은 다키마쿠라의 경우에는 110cmX60cm 사이즈에 6만 7000원입니다. 쿠션에 들어가는 그림은 제게 그려달라고 하시거나, 혹은 원하시는 그림을 찾은 뒤 제게 보내시는 방법 두가지 입니다. 주문은 위의 사이트에서 하시면 됩니다.

포니 피규어
포니 피규어는 현제 제작중인 부분이어서 정확히 말할 수가 없군요. 궁금하거나 피규어를 원하신다면 제 전화번호 010-3260-8541로 연락주세요.

+ Ebay에 현제 있는 애플잭 포니와 코코포멜 포니는 전 세계 어디든지 3-5일 안에 배송가능, 반품 가능을 조건으로 판매중입니다. 따라서 Ebay에서도 주문 가능합니다.

제 Ebay 주소는 입니다. 그곳에서 현제 등록된 Plushie 정보를 확인하실 수 있습니다.

Ponycraft 2 Team

Sorry. I forgot this Project for Long Time. I know I need to much of practicing before re-start this Project. During time I made Pony Plush.

I hope to start again this Project soon .


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